The Dog Project

MNC Dog Project assists the local community with the challenges involved in having (too many) domestic dogs, like disease transfer, vaccines, etc.

Karen Blixen Camp Trust is a Kenyan nonprofit organization located in the unique and fragile ecosystem of the Maasai Mara in Kenya.

Together with donors and partners we support conservation of wildlife and wilderness, community empowerment, and childhood and vocational education.

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Our Programs

Mara Cat Project

A population of roaming domestic cats has grown up around the households and the tourist camps within the Mara. These animals may harbor diseases and parasites that could be devastating to wild felids (cheetah, leopards, and lions) or could affect the human population by the transfer of diseases, etc.

Karen Blixen Camp Trust is a partner in the Maasai Mara Science and Development Initiative.

Maa Trust Partnership

Karen Blixen Camp Trust is working with The Maa Trust on the project: The Mara Rianta alternative rites of passage to end female genital mutilation.

Wildlife Habitat Protection

KBCT raises funds to protect critically important wildlife habitat.

Mara North Conservancy Dog Project

The domestic dog population in Mara North Conservancy is increasing rapidly, and poses a threat to the local wildlife. Mara North Conservancy Dog Project is working to control dog numbers through spay and castration surgeries and prevent zoonotic diseases by vaccinating and treating against parasites.

Mara Elephant Project Partnership

KBCT supports the Mara Elephant Project through donations for petrol for increased number of hours of the MEP helicopter in the air.

Vocational Education Initiative

There is a great need for education and job opportunities for the local Maasai youth, who often want to remain in the Mara as adults. The Karen Blixen Camp Trust Vocational Education Initiative offers vocational programs in culinary arts, language, business, and information technology. From 2024, an Automobile-Mechanics School will start.


Automobile Mechanics School


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Workshop November 2023


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Karen Blixen Camp Trust supports UN’s
Sustainable Development Goals