KBCT Football – for men, boys and girls in Mara Rianta

The tournament brought together 4 girls/ladies’ teams, 8 teams of boys under 15 years teams and 10 senior men teams. The tournament saw more than 250 participants competing for glory in different categories in a span of one month and over 500 fans cheering and backing up their teams to clinch to trophy.

The tournament took place from 16th March 2024 to 27th April 2024 being launched by the donation of girl’s football uniforms and balls to each participating teams – and closing overseen by our Camp manager Moses Rotich and the area Chief Joseph Nabaala handing over the men’s trophy.


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KBCT Tournament 2024 saw a participation that has never been witnessed in the larger Maasai Mara in recent times. The first ever tournament hosting ladies/girls’ teams and under 15 years junior teams.

The first three weekends i.e. 16th ,23rd and 30th of April were girls’ day. Since we used school students due to challenge of getting a girl from the community, we had to settle on weekends when they were free.

Being also the first ever involvement of girls in the tournament/sports, there was a challenge to face the parents due to cultural believes and hence resolved to face the teachers which ended well. Girl’s teams involved were;

  1. Mara Rianta Boarding
  2. Mara Angels
  3. Mara United
  4. Mara Junior.

Mara Rianta Boarding emerged the winners after winning all their three matches scoring 7 goals without conceding. Lesoi Ketuyio was the top scorer with 4 goals and the best keeper was Lanoi Sopia all from Mara Rianta Boarding.

Most of the ladies’ team had challenges in terms of right shoes for the game.

Mara Rianta Boarding in blue emerged the winners – the football uniform for all four teams donated by KBCT




The under 15 years boys team kicked off on 8th April to 13th April. This category attracted 8 teams as below;

  1. Entepesi Noble Boys
  2. Green Stars Junior
  3. Ndoto Home Boys
  4. Mara Rianta Township
  5. Galaxy FC
  6. Florida Young Stars
  7. Junction Young Boys
  8. Black Stars

Entepesi Noble Boys won in the finals against Florida Young Boys. Both golden boots and gloves were won by Entepesi Noble Boys. Black stars won the most disciplined team in the category.


Entepesi Noble Boys champs under 15 years



After great entertainment from new entrants, the focus shifted to the icing on the cake, the men categories. Being the second edition, each team were eying the top price. This category saw 10 teams registered and all were well branded by the KBCT log uniforms. Thanks to our supportive sponsors KBCT.

Teams involved were:

  1. Karen Blixen Camp Trust FC
  2. Florida FC
  3. City Boys
  4. Naserian Ndoto FC
  5. Enkikwei Hummers
  6. Entepesi FC
  7. Ajax FC
  8. Olororok FC
  9. Olepolos FC
  10. Junction FC

This edition saw highly contested matches and finally after a one year wait, Karen Blixen Camp Trust FC became the champions.

Karen Blixen Camp Trust FC Champions 2024, senior edition


Environmental conservations activities

Before the tournament, we had a meeting and asked all the participants to provide tree seedlings. On the opening day, the participants showed up with seedlings. In the three categories, we received 300 seedlings which were planted both in Ree forest, KBC forest and around the field.



Written by Daniel Obiero, unit accountant at Karen Blixen Camp and football tournament manager: