Karen Blixen Camp Trust has five programs.

Wildlife Habitat Protection

We raise funds to project land like Plot 92, preferred by many lions in the area as a “birth hotspot” and safe heaven.

Mara North Conservancy Dog Project

The domestic dog population in Mara North Conservancy is increasing rapidly, and poses a threat to the local wildlife. Mara North Conservancy Dog Project is working to control dog numbers through neuter surgery and prevent zoonotic diseases by vaccinating and treating against parasites.

Mara Elephant Conservation Helicopter Project

We work closely with our partner, the Mara Elephant Project (MEP), to protect the savanna elephants, who are threatened by poaching for the illegal ivory trade, climate change, and an increasing number of human-elephant conflicts.

Vocational Education Initiative

There is a great need for education and job opportunities for the local Maasai youth, who often want to remain in the Mara as adults. The Karen Blixen Camp Trust Vocational Education Initiative offers vocational programs in culinary arts, language, business, and information technology.

Women Empowerment

We support the local women by empowering them with business opportunities and vocational training.

Donate and help to protect the endangered Maasai Mara ecosystem.