Sidekick Partnership

Karen Blixen Camp Trust partner up with the U.S. based Sidekick Foundation

The partnership will enable donations by U.S. citizens to be tax deductible

The Board of Trustees of the Karen Blixen Camp Trust (KBCT) is pleased to announce a Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement in the United States with The Sidekick Foundation, an Indiana nonprofit organization. This relationship will enable all donations to KBCT by U.S. citizens made through The Sidekick Foundation to be tax deductible for U.S. federal income tax purposes to the fullest extent permitted by law. The Sidekick Foundation will not deduct any amount from each contribution, gift, or grant received on behalf of KBCT excluding any related wire transfer fees from the project fund at The Sidekick Foundation to KBCT.

This development is critical to the ability of KBCT to raise funds for and maintain its programs in the North Mara ecosystem in Kenya. The Board of Trustees of KBCT is extremely grateful to The Sidekick Foundation for this partnership and its corresponding recognition of the importance of the work in which KBCT is involved in Kenya.

The Sidekick Foundation is a family-founded organization that was created over 30 years ago. Its origin was based upon members of the Fehsenfeld family identifying a need for investing in the protection of elephants and their key habitats in Kenya. This now public 501(c)3 foundation remains funded, at its core, by the Fehsenfeld family.

The current mission of The Sidekick Foundation is to protect and restore endangered keystone wildlife species in the greater Maasai Mara ecosystem in Kenya by funding local initiatives and well-informed partners that share their holistic and mindful approach to conservation. The objective of The Sidekick Foundation is to achieve a balance between human development and sustaining biodiversity with a focus on education aimed at developing the next generation of conservation leaders. The aims and results of The Sidekick Foundation and KBCT are complementary and additive, exemplified by their dual partnerships with the Mara Elephant Project in Kenya.