Borås Djurpark Wildlife Conservation Fund

Borås Djurpark is a city owned zoo in the southwest part of Sweden.
The general aim of the zoo is to contribute to a more sustainable human society and to long term conservation of biodiversity both locally and globally. To further develop these efforts a fund was established in 2017 which more efficiently enables the zoo to support In-situ conservation projects around the world. Through it, the zoo collects donations from visitors, local companies, school classes and other stakeholders and raises awareness of species and the conservational work of the organizations/trusts/funds that the zoo supports and collaborates with.
Borås Djurpark Wildlife Conservation Fund always seeks to collaborate with organizations/trusts/funds that have a holistic approach to conservation. Projects that benefit the local fauna and flora as well as local communities are most likely to experience long term success.

Animal Protection Denmark

Animal Protection Denmark is the oldest and largest animal welfare organization in Denmark. Our vision is to help animals in need, stop animal abuse and fight for a respectful and sustainable relationship between animals, people and nature.

Since the establishment in 1875, the organization has improved the lives and welfare of millions of animals, from farmed animals and animals used in the entertainment industries to companion animals, wildlife and research animals.

Animal Protection Denmark continues to form the debate about animal welfare and animals’ conditions, as we work to improve the lives of both farm animals, pets and wildlife. We influence decision-makers at national, EU and international levels, advocating for an agricultural production that takes the animals’ natural needs and behaviour into account. We inform and advise pet owners about responsible ownership and rescue abandoned pets through our shelters. Animal Protection Denmark also solves animal welfare cases and cares for wildlife at our rescue stations, so that they can return to the wild.

Internationally, Animal Protection Denmark supports several animal welfare projects in Africa and Asia.